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Whether you've been rocking the floors with your music for quite a while now or starting out your musician, singing, or DJ career, one common thing that robs you of your sleep is: “how to book new gigs and never have to worry about getting work?”

Isn’t it?

Does it feel difficult to keep up with clients, manage calendars, set up consultations, and arrange schedules?

Tried all the cookie-cutter techniques of reaching out to local clubs, venues, and promoters, only to end up performing for free?

Ever felt that clients undermine your work and pay you an amount that barely covers your traveling expenses?

Or worse, they start ghosting you when it's time for payday?

It all changes here.

All you need is a proven and time-tested system that lands you consistent high-paying gigs, manages your workflows, and lets you focus on your craft.

So, let me ask you a question here.

Do you want to build a long-lasting career and make your mark in the music entertainment industry?

If yes, then the first step you need is

To Focus on Your Backend Business!

Yes, we know that you’re excellent at what you do.

But is that enough? If it was, you wouldn’t be here looking for ways to boost your music career.

You see, this industry is full of competition, where hundreds of musicians and DJs alike are trying to stand out and sign-up for a single gig.

If you want to distinguish yourself from others, you should establish a stellar online or offline presence and boost your visibility.

You need to work on picking the right clients and pitching yourself as an expert.

And it’s all possible if you invest time in marketing yourself and creating your personal brand - the missing piece in the puzzle.

In short, you need an efficient system in place that will not only let you focus on getting better at your craft but will also help you manage the backend business and negotiation activities.

And this is precisely what you'll learn from our Tour Guide – The Strategy to Booking!

We’ll help you unlock the formula of booking elite shows and venues that could bring you fame and success.

You’ll also learn about the hidden techniques that could help you establish a full-fledged business - all while focusing on your music career!


Discover the Art of Landing High-Paying Gigs

Tour Guide – The Strategy to Booking is indeed a groundbreaking mechanism that breaks you free from the obstacles hindering your career.

The holistic team behind this proven mechanism includes former and existing DJs, singers, and musicians who understand all your woes and are here to take care of them.

So, you see, we are musicians, singers, and DJs first and experienced booking agents second.

Our 15+ years of industry experience and top-notch expertise have allowed us to book over 50,000 gigs for our clients. Yes, that’s right.

With our proven roadmap, you can learn how to connect with the right people, establish an excellent presence to gain visibility, and set up a holistic system to book clients and manage calendars on a pilot.


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Here's How it All Works:



Module 1: Your Gameplan to Success

Learn the essential skills of setting goals, establishing a business presence and developing systems to prepare for growth down the road.

Module 2: The R&D You Need

In this module, you’ll learn the framework of in-depth research for choosing the right people, venues, and events.

Module 3: Sell Your Services the Right Way

Learn the most basic yet essential skill of pitching your services and aligning them with your brand image.

Module 4: Master the Art of Negotiations

Negotiation is in demand. Learn the nitty-gritty of negotiating without ruining relationships while portraying yourself as a professional.

Module 5: Touring and Gaining Visibility

Touring is an art. In this module, you'll learn everything you need to know about touring, life on the road, and ensuring future shows at the places you play at..

Module 6: Quit your 9-5 and become financially independent!

All set to go full-time with your music career. But how can you just do that? Resolve all your transitioning queries in this module!

Bonus Module: Setting Yourself Up for Success

Downloads, checklists, and templates to help you book gigs, track your music career, and prepare for explosive growth.

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“SGM is one of the top Dj agencies in North America for a long period of time. The professionalism they demonstrate is top notch.”

Andy Moor

“Being a part of SGM for the last 7 years has been nothing but a great experience, with a top notch staff that's always there to represent us artists in the most reputable way.”


“Best booking company out there period!”

LA Riots

“Sleeping Giant Music is a unique DJ agency. I have been with many agencies in my 20 plus years touring and SGM's attention to the artists needs is very special. This is priceless and very important to me and artists.”

Robbie Rivera

Meet Your Instructors


Freddie Harb


Freddie is easily one of San Diego’s most recognized and sought-after DJs/Producers. He's been in the game for over two decades and has built a solid reputation for having an amazing work ethic in addition to being innovative and creative. As one of the founding members and President of Sleeping Giant Music, music is Freddie's passion and full-time profession.


Troy Gilmore

Vice President

Troy Gilmore is one of the Vice Presidents of Sleeping Giant Music, overseeing the touring department for the agency. A seasoned industry professional with over 15 years of experience, he has worked with some of the top names in the DJ music industry. From bookings to talent buying, venue, and festival operations, Troy has done it all. Troy is consistently working with top brands such as Insomniac, Relentless Beats, Disco Donnie Productions, and countless DJs, artists, and producers. 


Mike Beltran

Vice President

With almost twenty years of experience as a professional DJ/MC, Mikey Beats is versatile in several genres which is why he is called upon for various private and corporate events, as well as weddings. With versatility being one of his strongest attributes, Mikey Beats has expanded into owning a music festival production company and a DJ equipment rental business.


Angel Matos

East Coast Director

Angel Matos, East Coast director of Sleeping Giant Music, has been booking notable artists around the world for over fifteen years. Specializing in North, Central, and South American bookings, he added many international artists to the roster when he merged with SGM. He has worked with several top North American and European artists curating countless tours all around the world. 


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We know that the course material will work in your favor if you follow the guidelines and stay consistent. However, you might be thinking that this is another conspiracy theory about making money.
But no, this offer is legit!
We are deeply concerned about your career. We want you to reach new heights and land excellent gigs.
To make sure you get the stated benefits, we offer an ultimate guarantee. If you:
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How do I know this course will work for me?

You see, the minds who engineered this course have decades of experience, and they know what works on and off the stage. We can't give a 100% guarantee that it'll work for everyone, but we are still confident enough that whosoever puts in the effort to improve their craft and use the course's knowledge to create a system, they'll have a long-lasting fulfilling career for sure!

Is there a money back guarantee?

Absolutely yes! In case, if you're unsatisfied with the course for any reason and haven't completed 75% of its content, just reach out to us at [email protected] within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund.".

Do you guarantee bookings if I take this course?

No, we don't! Even though we're confident that the knowledge of this course will help a singer, DJ, or musician to boost their career, it won't magically happen if you don't put in the effort. The course will give you a clear roadmap to success, but it can't be guaranteed if you don't work hard for it!

How long will this course take to complete?

You'll have lifetime access to this course. It isn't designed with the intent that you take it once and never come back to it. This course is created as a resource and an inspiration for you to help you progress through different stages in your music career.

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